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Dear visitor, welcome to the web page of our graphene group. Actually, we are not just a "graphene" group, but nanocarbon in general. Apart from graphene, we are dealing with graphite, nanotubes or nanodiamonds. We also span a broad range of potential applications, from electronics to mechanics, from conversion of energy to its storage and others. You will find us in Prague, Czech Republic, at the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic...

Recently, we have undergone some reorganization, so we are currently split into two departments: Dept. of Low-dimensional Systems (head Dr. Martin Kalbac) and Dept. of Electrochemical Materials (head Prof. Ladislav Kavan). The divorce has been peaceful, though, and we are still running common projects, share equipment, rooms, and of course passion for nanostructured carbon. New equipment is being purchased, clean rooms are being built, new team members are getting their seats and we would still welcome new applicants both graduate and undergraduate.

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Most of the content is still under a continuous addition/modification. The Graphene section in Research contains some basic info. You can find few of us in the People section, but mostly as links to the web page of our Institute.

Check some of our papers on graphene, which are regularly updated.

Or if you understand czech, check these older videos: Nové nanomateriály pro solární články and Uhlíkaté nanomateriály. Some of us appear there.

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