Kesarwani Rahul, Ph.D.

Kesarwani Rahul, Ph.D.
Post-doc, Department of Low-dimensional Systems
Tel: 420951552885


Condense matter physics, Excitonic physics, Plasmonics, Nonlinear optics, Thin film growth and thin film growth.
Van der Waals materials, Twisted Light-matter interaction, Quasi-particles (Excitons, trions, etc.), Fabrication of spintronic devices.


Generation of structural light, Low temperature Photoluminescence/Raman, Two-photon absorption, AFM and Spectroscopy ellipsometry.


I have obtained my PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati (INDIA) under Prof. Alika Khare. Thereafter, I have worked at National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei (Taiwan) as Post-doctoral researcher under Prof. Ting-Hua Lu.

Selected publications

1. R. Kesarwani, et. al., Control of Trion-to-Exciton Conversion in Monolayer WS2 by Orbital Angular Momentum of Light, Science Advances 8, 1-8 (2022).
2. R. Kesarwani et. al., Assessment of interfacial layer thickness of pulsed laser deposited plasmonic copper thin films via spectroscopic ellipsometer, Optical Materials 93, 98-102 (2019).
3. R. Kesarwani et. al., Correlation between surface scaling behavior and surface plasmon resonance properties of semi-transparent nanostructured Cu thin films deposited via PLD, RSC Advance 9, 7967-7974 (2019).