Energy Storage

Energy storage is one of the most important topics in today’s R&D, where carbon-based materials play an irreplaceable role. Graphite is widely used as intercalation material for anodes in Li-ion batteries, different kinds of sp2 carbons are employed as conductive additives in both anodes and cathodes in these batteries, and various porous carbon materials found their way into supercapacitors. Graphene has a prominent place in this regard, because its relative surface area (2630 m2/g) is essentially unrivalled. Even though the main focus in the Department of Electrochemical materials in the field of Li-ion (or Na-ion) batteries is on the binary and ternary oxides, phosphates and similar ones, the mutual interactions between those and the conductive additives is still of our concern. Furthermore, we are studying porous carbon-based materials based on nanodiamond for the supercapacitors.